WUTUPSKI ! I live dat #SMASHBOXLYFE ! How u livin ? ”




Killamind: /Kil/ā,ə/mīnd/

; adjective: to destroy one’s mind and start from scratch,

give birth to a new, a creation of and for the better future.

A word birthed from a freestyle symphony of lyrics meant to dance upon the ear drums and evoke an inner change.

To awake in an in-disposable world. It’s creator, now it’s herald, designed his flow on the streets of Philly.

He sought hip-hop influence from the likes of Jay-Z, Wu Tang Klan, Keith Murray and Smooth the Hustler.

Even closer to home, his siblings enjoyed a liberal aroma of music such as Culture Club and Boy Geaorge, which helped him become an architect of an eclectic style.

A veritable machine of perpetual motion, Killamind will never stop. The combination of beats, lyrics, and hearts will continue on as they inspire audiences to blast through mountains, conquer new lands, and live life until it overflows. And do it all with a purpose 

 How u livin ? 




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